Unravel Massage Relocated!

I am very glad to report that Unravel Massage is REOPENED and at a new location, the Well Within Collective located on 1496 Old Henderson Road, Columbus, OH 43220 down the street from Little Japan and Tensuke Market.           Gee willikers, it has been a doozy half a year, and I am sure glad it’sContinue reading “Unravel Massage Relocated!”

Unravel Massage Temporarily Closed Due to Sudden Relocation

September 3, 2021 Unravel Massage is relocating and temporarily closed due to an unforeseen loss of our sublease at the beginning of September, 2021. We are busy looking for a new (and more accessible!) space for Unravel Massage to grow and set roots, and are very excited for the lemonade we’ll get to make withContinue reading “Unravel Massage Temporarily Closed Due to Sudden Relocation”