Unravel Massage Relocated!

I am very glad to report that Unravel Massage is REOPENED and at a new location, the Well Within Collective located on 1496 Old Henderson Road, Columbus, OH 43220 down the street from Little Japan and Tensuke Market.

          Gee willikers, it has been a doozy half a year, and I am sure glad it’s spring!!! As much as the transition was unexpected and finding the right fit took time, these past six months were an unexpected blessing that allowed me to focus on (conveniently timed!) family and personal medical issues and funerals. I fortunately found the Well Within Collective (https://www.wellwithincollective.com/) and couldn’t be happier; it’s so nice to already feel like part of a community. Glad to be back in action in the healing arts, and looking forward to helping you untangle your stresses again. Please reach out via the portal with any further queries.

Our online booking and secure patient messaging are still handled through the SimplePractice patient portal at https://unravelmassage.clientsecure.me. (Instructions on how to use secure messaging: https://support.simplepractice.com/hc/en-us/articles/115003629583-Getting-started-with-Secure-Messaging). The main website is unravelmassagetherapy.com, and our phone number is still text or callable at 614-360-9750 if you need help troubleshooting the patient portal. Our Covid-19 Risk Reduction practices can be found on our blog at: https://unravelmassagetherapy.com/2021/12/30/2022-covid-19/

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