Untangle life’s tensions with

Unravel Massage

Gleefully Relocated To: The Well Within Collective

Here at Unravel Massage we believe in long-term restoration and growth as it manifests for each client. Like a potter’s wheel, we help center the clay so it can take a balanced form.

Our mission is to facilitate healing of stress and trauma by integrating multiple massage modalities, and comfortably teaming with local conventional and supplemental medicines to promote optimal health. We will create a personalized treatment plan based on your own needs and idiosyncrasies.

Risk-Reduction During COVID-19

Available Hours 

By appointment only

Text or call us at 614-360-9750 when you have arrived for your appointment. We will meet you at the door.

Tuesday-Thursday: 11am-8pm

11:15am, 2:45pm, 5:15pm

Friday & Saturday: 11am-5pm

11:15am, 2:45pm



What we believe in…

• Being informed and supportive to people of varied backgrounds, be it gender identity, race, accessibility, or sexuality.

• Providing therapeutically geared massage to all ages, including kids!

• Pursuing continuing education based on what will benefit our client base most.

• Complimenting holistic health care teams with therapeutically geared massage (instead of spa style relaxation massage) 

• Recognizing the whole person health of our clients, and recovery comes from both an physical and emotional place.

• As a medical service provider, does not accept tips.

• Not charging additionally for different modalities (possible surcharge for additional materials such as aromatherapy oils)

• Supporting the YWCA by volunteering massage services and forwarding any donations from clients.

• Unfortunately, we can not accept insurance at this time, but are happy to provide information necessary to file your own claims.