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Inventory Survey

New and exciting things coming up at Unravel Massage! We’re getting ready to carry more on-site products for use during your session as well as for take-home self care. Please fill out this survey to help us asses what kind of aromatherapy-based massage oils, self-care tools, essential oils, topical pain relief creams and CBD (nonContinue reading “Inventory Survey”

2022 Unravel Massage COVID-19 Risk Reduction Practices

Unravel Massage is dedicated to transparently reducing risk to their clients. *Last Updated January 2022: Our Licensed Massage Therapist McKenna received Pfiezer Covid Vaccines on 3/12/21 and 4/2/21, and a Moderna Booster on 11/10/21. 2022 Unravel Massage’s Covid Risk Reduction Policies The short version: surgical masks* are required unless you have a written medical exemption,Continue reading “2022 Unravel Massage COVID-19 Risk Reduction Practices”

Unravel Massage Temporarily Closed Due to Sudden Relocation

September 3, 2021 Unravel Massage is relocating and temporarily closed due to an unforeseen loss of our sublease at the beginning of September, 2021. We are busy looking for a new (and more accessible!) space for Unravel Massage to grow and set roots, and are very excited for the lemonade we’ll get to make withContinue reading “Unravel Massage Temporarily Closed Due to Sudden Relocation”


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